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Antoinette Davis


Parent Coach


Mentor & Leader


Passion & Vision

 A single mother, co owner of businesses, parent mentor and youth mentor.  Janice delightfully and proudly raised two now amazing adults, her daughter aged 24, and son aged 18, with their mothers support both her children are totally fulfilling and walking in their God given purpose. One of Jan’s favourite quotes “I am obligated to nurture the most amazing gifts ever received, those being my children!" 


Janice’s day to day is utilising her Business and Management Qualification managing multiple groups of Dental Practices, as a Registered CQC Manager Jan ensures Quality Assurance and Compliance is maintained, a career passion from young that Jan pursued and still in full flow till this day.

Jan didn’t leave it there her people management knowledge, leadership, along with

entrepreneurial skill set allowed a beautiful business partnership with her daughter to birth. 

Janice became CEO to both Eloquent Praise and Empowerment Dance Company and recently added to the portfolio Eloquent Arts Centre


Jan loves to see the best recognised and excelled within a person, this passion of empowering others exists in both youth and adults, talking and sharing through her own life journey of experiences, reflecting, and setting new goals with a view to create a great ending result.

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