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Totally Transparent

Janice shares the passion as a cohost on the TT podcast, sharing transparency in their own life's experiences. 

We have learnt from each other that those conversations change our lives and the lives of those around us.

Totally Transparent is a live in real time, unscripted podcast/ conversations. We invite everyday women and men to do the same and share there stories of victories and challenges on the TT couches. 
Stories that someone is waiting to hear to transform there life.

We walk amongst heroes every day, those unsung heroes in life, you know, the people behind the the great people we are impacted by. Hence, the title being Totally Transparent...


"to be transparent in all real life topic we're others fear to unfold. Asking the questions about the challenges, we as a community of people face everyday in our real lives. Shining a light on the real life stories of victory and faith"

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